Riverside Optical Lab  

This is where are lenses come from a Lab in Ottawa we have trusted for over the last ten years 


September 22, 2012

We are writing to tell you that the G4 lenses you suggested have proven to be very satisfactory even though our prescriptions are completely different. For both prescriptions, the field of view is significantly larger than with the regular progressive lenses. The overall visual impression is much closer to that of single vision lenses. The difference is particularly noticeable when driving. The G4 lens makes it much easier to focus on objects to the side of the road. It is also noticeable indoors in medium and low light situations where the G4 lens bring more of the room into sharp focus.

Thank you for the attentive professionalism you brought to the selection of our eyeglasses. Your commitment to customer service and satisfaction is greatly appreciated.

Tom & Cheryl